Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by Neha Chaugule

I had my second baby in this hospital. First of all I would like to thank both doctors and nurses for Making me comfortable. Both doctors answered my queries patiently. They are so positive and motivating. Hospital is well maintained and hygienic. Once aging thank you all the staff and doctors for giving best service keep it up and all the best 👍

Neha Chaugule, Sangli
Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by Vivek Waghachavare

Very highly recommended to all looking for any obstetric or gynaecological consultation. This hospital is the most professional hospital with most well mannered and expert staff i have ever witnessed. Its spotless clean. And I mean every word of it. I was blessed with my child here.

Vivek Waghachavare, Sangli
Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by koushik malu

Finest Hospital in the region with all modern facilities and expertise. The doctors counsel the patient in such a way that the patient is relaxed. From the start of conceiving till delivery, utmost care is taken with relevant guidance and counciling. The care taken is such that u feel at home. Couple of days back blessed with a baby girl and that through normal delivery. Both mother as well as baby are in pinkest health. One of the renowned hospital with speciality in normal delivery. One of the unique thing I liked is the dedication and passion the doctors have towards their work any time in day or night.

koushik malu, Sangli
Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by Rupali Patil

Many more thanks to Dr Subhash Patil and Dr Sushant Patil for such a good care throughout my pregnancy and delivery. Being a mother is such a wonderful and blessed thing in any womens life. And I am very thankful to entire Sushil Hospital staff for giving me such good treatment during my pregnancy. The entire staff is very helpful and caring. Once again thank you so much 😊. This is the best maternity hospital in the town.

Rupali Patil, Sangli
Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by Amruta Kulkarni

Highly recommended..the best doctor..great experience...both doctor and staff were helpful...they prefer normal delivery procedure which is rare (now a days)They take so much effort to each and every patient...thank u so much

Amruta Kulkarni, Sangli
Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by Pranit Mahajan

No doubt its the best maternity hospital having excellent service and top treatment. We have experienced their speciality and vast experience in baby delivery. Doctor were always confident about normal delivery and actually made it normal. More then treatment they are great and devine human being. Words cant express gratitude for them but we are really thankful for such a great service and treatment we got.

Pranit Mahajan, Sangli
Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by Rupali Nalawade

It was my second delivery..first was done by dr. Subhas patil sir and this time by dr.sushant sir i didnt felt any difference both of them are best . Very careful... Dr sushant has given me the best treatment and careness Im really very satisfied with him. The hospitality is as its best... Thanks to both the best doctors 🙏

Rupali Nalawade, Sangli
Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by Neha Bhosale

We have received the best treatment n essential care for mother as well as baby! My sister in law was happy by the motivation of staff.No doubt sir is always the best decision maker! Ty sushant sir for all the help n support.Glad by all the services provided to us..The cleanliness was well maintained n necessary proper rules n regulations were followed..The rounds wer also taken upto date..The management is good👍👌

Neha Bhosale, Sangli
Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by Sushilkumar Bodhi

My marriage completed 4 years but we had no kids because of my wifes health issues. We took many course and treatments at popular hospitals in Pune but no use. We returned to our home town Sangli and started treatment at Sushil Hospital. In the two months period we had positive results. My wife had normal delivery and the baby was healthy. Today my daughter is one year old. I highly recommend "Sushil Hospital" to everyone who is tired of having trial and error treatments from other places. Thanks

Sushilkumar Bodhi, Sangli
Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by Kinjal Naik

We had a great experience. I would like to mention right from antenatal visits. Minimum and essential investigations are adviced. You can get advice from nutritionist and physiotherapist regarding pregnancy yoga and nutrition under the same roof. The staff is very co operative and supportive specially during labour when u need it more. There are no words to talk about Dr. Subhash Patil and Dr. Sushant. I had undergone painless labour here. The experience was good. I will definately recommend everyone for painless labour. Regarding stay, the rooms are very spacious and clean and well equipped. The canteen facility which is recently started is very helpful and hygiene is well maintained. Sushil Hospital is the Best Maternity Hospital in Sangli. Thank you team Sushil

Kinjal Naik, Sangli
Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by Shalaka Kulkarni

I had very good experience with the hospital.Doctor is well experienced and tries his best for normal delivery.Hospital is newly renovated and very clean.Rooms are specious.I can say hospital is one of its kind in sangli and nearby area.I strongly recommend it !!

Shalaka Kulkarni, Sangli
Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by Prasanna Shinde

Dr. Subhash Patil and Dr. Sushant Patil are one of the best I know, hospital is very clean, rooms are also clean and hygienic.

Prasanna Shinde, Sangli
Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by Prithviraj Patil

Excellent n fabulous services provided.. Good experienced doctors staff.. 🎊 Congratulations to Dr Subhash Patil Sir.. Dr. Sushant Patil Sir n Team.. Number one hospital for mother care in Sangli district 😇🙏

Prithviraj Patil, Sangli
Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by Reuben Dongre

We have had a great experience, We stayed there for 3 Days and felt like home, The staff were polite, Dr. Subhash is very Humble & Caring , Everything required was given to us as informed to the staff, Sushil Hospital is the Best Maternity Hospital in Sangli.

Reuben Dongre, Sangli
Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by Abhijeet Khot

सर्वप्रथम डॉ. सुभाष पाटील सर आणि डॉ. सुशांत पाटील सर यांचे खूप खूप आभार. डिलिव्हरी बद्दल माझी बायको तिचे अनुभव share करेलच, पण मला जे वाटले ते मी इथं share करतोय. तुमच्या बद्दल खूप चांगले एकूण होतो आणि आता अनुभवत आहे. एकूणच खूप छान अनुभव आहे. तुमचे मार्गदर्शन व योग्य वेळी दिलेलं सल्ले यांचा खूप उपयोग झाला. हॉस्पिटल बद्दल बोलायचं झालं तर सुरक्षा, स्वच्छता आणि नीटनेटकेपणा यांची पुरेपूर काळजी घेतली आहे, आपले सहकारी व इतर स्टाफ पण खूप co-opertive आहेत. हॉस्पिटल ने जे नियम बनवले आहेत ते अगदी योग्य आहेत. Motivation and Positive Attitude are most important medicines, Thanks for doing that perfectly. More than a doctor, you are an extraordinary human being. Thanks a lot..... 🙏

Abhijeet Khot, Sangli
Testimonial about Sushil Hospital by Raghavendra Chougule

स्वछता आणि दवखान्यामधील जागेचा सुरेख वापर खूपच छान । रुग्णासोबत आलेल्या व्यक्तींसाठी सुद्धा बसण्याची व्यवस्था चांगली आहे

Raghavendra Chougule, Sangli

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